Word: Deport

Pronunciation: dəˈpôrt

Meaning: to expel someone from a country; to banish

Etymology: Deport derives from the Latin preposition de (from, down from) and the verb portare (to carry). 

Usage: Words change over time.  These days, to deport someone is to send them packing.  A government might determine you no longer belong in a particular country.  If that happens, they might deport you.  If this happens, you are going home.  You are going back to your country of origin. 

At one time, it was proper in English to “deport” oneself.  We still use this word, but it is rare.  When using deport to talk about behavior, be sure to include a reciprocal pronoun.  For example:

At the wedding reception, they deported themselves well.  Or,

She deports herself well.

There is another meaning for the word deport.  During a séance, an object might disappear.  This is called a deport.  Don’t ask me how I know this.

Though they do not appear related, all the variations of deport connect.  If you are deported, you are carried away.  How you deport yourself is how you carry yourself.  Finally, if a magician or wizard deports an object, the object is carried away.