Last year I wrote a book on goal setting.  I am now in the process of editing that book.  As I edit, I will post excerpts here on my blog.  This is from chapter one:

Do not wait for motivation

Motivation works the same way.  

Many people wait for motivation before they take action.  

Do not do this.  Do not wait for motivation.  Motivation follows action.  

I’ll give you an example.   

I hate writing.  

I really do.  Writing is such a chore.  I am rarely motivated to write.  I will do anything else instead.  

I do not like cleaning the garage or mowing the grass.  But, if cleaning the garage, or mowing the grass keeps me from writing, I’ll clean the garage and mow the grass.  

Were I to wait for motivation, I would never write.

Instead of waiting for motivation, I pick a time each day to write.  I set an alarm on my phone to remind me.  When the alarm sounds, I sit down and force myself to write for an hour.

The moment Jones stepped out, the moment he took a leap of faith, the bridge appeared.  

As soon as I start writing, the words come.   The ideas come.  The sentences come.  The motivation comes.  

After about fifteen minutes, I find I am enjoying the process.  

Often I am surprised, even annoyed when the timer goes off an hour later.  I do not want to stop writing.

Were I to wait for the motivation, I would never begin.  

Motivation follows action.   

Remember this as you aim for your goals.  Do not wait for motivation.  Act first.  The motivation will come.  Motivation follows action.