I received this email:


We have thoroughly searched your website, and I am wondering what you mean by offering the National Latin Exam?  How would we take that exam?

We have taken it with a coop that we have been a part of, but are switching from that and doing Latin 2 with you, but my son is still interested in taking the NLE.

Thanks for any help.


Here is my reply:

I apologize for the delay. Finally catching up this morning…

I do not offer the National Latin Exam.  I simply take students through the exam from time to time.  Usually, we go through it in spring.  But, you would be able to access the classes anytime.

I record every class I teach, and I only take them down if I am updating them.  I have quite a few students who use the previous classes only.  In fact, many prefer this as they can move at their own rate.  Students are always welcome to contact me if they have any questions.

As for officially taking the exam, you would need to find a local school or co-op that might allow you to participate.   

You might even be able to register on the National Latin Exam site: https://nle.org/

Let me know if you need more help!

Dwane Thomas