I received this question:

Hello Mr. Thomas,

My students are moving on to Henle 2 in the fall.  Your schedule for next year states T and Th 11am-12noon EST.  They prefer the live classes and would like to know if the schedule means that they’re attending 2 live classes weekly.

Thanks for your help, and for a wonderful class!

Here is my reply:

Possibly.  I am working on the schedule this week. 

However, the classes this year may look quite a bit different.  I am simply trying to get through all of the exercises. 

Last year, my students and I made it through exercise 42 in Chapter 6, or 7.  I can’t remember which chapter.  Anyway, we are simply picking up where we left off. 

This means the schedule is going to be weird all year.  I will not be following a normal school-year schedule.  We are simply going to tackle an exercise each class until we finish the book.  I hope we finish it this year, but I don’t knnow if we will. 

Also, as I am working on the schedule this week, things may change….

Let me know if you need more help!