Think Outside the Border Tip #14 – Don’t be afraid to jump ship!


You don’t have to stick with your boring language book.

Growing up in different countries taught me something important.  It taught me that there may be a better way.  

I learned from Germany that stores do not have to stay open on Sunday.  Business owners can take the day off.  

I also learned from Germany that professional sporting events do not have  to take place on Sunday.  They can happen on Saturday.  Families can spend time together on Sunday.  

I learned from Holland that an entire country can use bicycles as a major means of transportation.  Not everyone has to own an expensive vehicle.

I learned from England that you can easily learn to drive on the left side of the road.  I also learned that you can play outside in the fog, the drizzle, and the rain.  You do not have to wait for a sunny day.  There is always tea to warm you up later.

In other words, I learned from these countries that there are always multiple ways.  Do not fall into the trap of thinking there is only one way.

When you join a language class, your teacher will assign a book.  If you are not careful, you will begin to think this particular book is the means to learn the language.  

Maybe it is.  Maybe it isn’t.  There might be a better way.

When I was learning learning Latin, I started with an old high school textbook, Jenney’s First Year Latin.  I liked it.  Then I lost it in a fire. 

I was in a high school Latin class.  About the time of the fire, the teacher switched from Jenney’s First Year Latin to Latin for Americans.  Latin for Americans was so awful I decided to go on a hunt.  I had to find a better way.  

I must have read a dozen Latin textbooks.  Eventually, I stumbled upon Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.  Lingua Latina is, by far, the best Latin textbook.  Anyone who says differently is selling something.  

The point is, I never would have found Lingua Latina unless I had been willing to dump Latin for Americans.  I would have never found a better way unless I had been willing to jump ship.

As success guru Brian Tracy says, “You are always free to change your mind.”

If something just isn’t working for you, change it.  Don’t be afraid to jump ship.  You may just find a better way!

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