Years ago, I started teaching the Henle Latin series on my site.  Not necessarily because I was a big fan of the series.  I did it to help those who were pushing through… and, just felt they needed help.

In the next four weeks, or so, an intrepid few students and I will finish Second Year Latin by Robert Henle.   I will leave those classes on my site for those who follow.

That class meets in the mornings.  6 A.M. Central Time Zone.  You are welcome to join us live.  But, remember.  We are finishing up.  There isn’t too much left.

So, what’s next?

Well, Third and Fourth Year Latin by Robert Henle, of course.  Several students and I are about one third of the way through Third Year Latin by Robert Henle.  Almost no one ever makes it to Fourth Year Latin by Robert Henle, so I am in no rush.  As Mr. Incredible says… “We’ll get there when we get there.”

When the Second Year Latin class ends around Thanksgiving, or maybe even Christmas, I am going to fill that time slot with an old classic Latin book, Fabulae Faciles.

Fabulae Faciles is Roman mythology… in Latin.  Essentially.

It’s coming.  Horses.  Hold’em.

I am looking forward to this class.  Naturally, as a subscriber to my site, you will be welcome to join.

I only charge per family… not per student, and not per class.   A subscription grants access to every live class I teach. It also grants access to all of the previous class on my site.

Want to join a class?  Just click here: