I’m beat.  I spent a very long, frustrating evening online last night.

A few days ago, a friend recommended that I make some changes on my site.  I took his advice.

I made a simple change.  No big deal, right?

Soon after, I noticed that my site no longer displayed “secure” in the browser.  The little green lock was missing, too.

Not good.  I quickly removed the change my friend had recommended.  It didn’t matter.  Damage done.  There was no going back.

So, yesterday afternoon, I dropped everything.  I was supposed to help one of my girls build a fort outside.   I had to postpone.  We will get to work on it this afternoon.

Instead, I spent 6 or 7 hours with tech support as we tried to locate the trouble.  I contacted Blue Host (my former hosting company).  The response was slow.  I needed help fast.  While waiting, I went searching.  I found WP Engine.

While waiting for Blue Host to show up, I talked with WP Engine.  Long story short, WP Engine rescued me.

Blue Host finally showed up but didn’t help much.  They told me the problem was solved.  It wasn’t.

WP Engine told me they could solve my problem.  They did.

I spent about 10 years trying to get my life online.  I did it so that I could spend more time with my kids.  As a teacher, I was spending my time with everyone else’s kids.

At the end of ten years, we had made it.  I now have a website that has set me free geographically.  It supports my family.

Now, I have other teachers asking me every week, “How did you do it?”

That’s a long story, and I intend to tell it some day.  I am thinking of turning it into a course.

I thought life would be painless once I made my living online.  It isn’t.  We live in a fallen world.  There is no painless paradise.

I recommend jumping online in your spare time.  Build an online business.  It’s worth it.  But, before you do it, know this.  You may be adding value to your life, and to your family.  But, you are also adding a brand new set of problems.

Every rose has its thorn.