Over the Christmas break, I watched a movie on Julius Caesar.  I am surprised I had never heard of it before.

It’s very well done.  There are a few scenes that would merit a PG-13 rating.  But, just barely.  The entire movie is tastefully done and masterfully acted.

If you want to understand the background of Second Year Latin by Robert Henle, this movie will help.

From time to time, there are German subtitles.  These are rare until the end credits.  During the end credits, there are quite a few.

Here is the translation of those notes:

  • After Caesar’s death, Rome was shaken by Civil War for 15 years.


  • None of Caesar’s assassins survived for more than three years, and none of them died of natural causes.


  • Cassius killed himself with the same dagger he had set against Caesar. Brutus took his life in the same way as his uncle Cato.


  • Portia Lost her mind about the death of Brutus and killed herself by swallowing a glowing coal.


  • Marcus and Cleopatra fell in love. When Augustus, Caesar’s successor, tried to capture them, they committed suicide.


  • The son of Caesar and Cleopatra was murdered on the orders of Augustus


  • Calpurnia never remarried.