Yesterday, I posted a video with Seth Godin and Tom Peters.  I named the post, Why I Blog Everyday.

Then, today, I didn’t blog.

Well… almost.  I am blogging now, right?

So, what is my excuse?

Just this.  In 2013, I started gathering everything I had learned about the process of learning Latin.  I gathered all the links I had found, all the tips I had picked up over the years, all the responses sent to struggling students… and put them into a 100 page book.

Actually, it is longer than 100 pages, but not by much.  Anyway, I planned to sell the book someday, but, you know… I freaked out a little bit.  What if people didn’t like it?  What if people didn’t find it all that useful?  Worse… what if no one bought it?

In short, I gave into my fears.

I shelved the book.  At least… I tried to.

In the back of my mind, the book gnawed at me.  What good was it doing on my computer?  Who was it helping?

This last January, I got a few random breaks from school.  I ended up with time to write, and edit.

I finished the blasted book.  I am at Starbuck checking all of the links now.  It will be for sale on my website tomorrow.

I don’t care who buys it.  I don’t care if anyone buys it.  I am going to post it on my site so that I can look at it everyday, point my finger at it, and say… “Yeah.  You tried to stop me.  But, guess what?  I won!  You are finished.  You are sitting on a webpage.  You are out of my head.  Now, let me sleep!”