One frustrated Visual Latin user contacted me.  She felt she was not getting enough review.  

Here is my response:

First of all, I apologize for the frustration I have caused.

Just so you know, we offer an ironclad money back guarantee.  If you find that Visual Latin is just not working for you, feel free to return it.

As for review, there are several approaches you can take.  Some families just watch the lessons again and again until the complicated concepts sink in.

Others review using the recommended reading list I provide on my site.  Here it is:

Still others rely on the extensive chalkboard series I have created over at YouTube.  The list of videos is growing.  I have catalogued most of them here:

Finally, if you are stuck on a concept and just need help, never hesitate to contact me.  I am happy to create bonus videos explaining something I didn’t explain well enough the first time.  Here is one I created this morning:

I am happy to help.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  If you just want to read about Latin, or receive tips about Latin, I blog every day (except Sundays) right over here:

Have an excellent Thursday!