Last year I wrote a book on goal setting.  I am now in the process of editing that book.  As I edit, I will post excerpts here on my blog.  This is from chapter four:

Consider a lifestyle move

I live in Tennessee, I have lived here for decades.

It is easy to stay inside in the South.  During the summer, it’s hot, humid and sticky outside.  It’s easier to stay inside in the air conditioned houses and buildings.

If you have spent much time in the South, you know what I am talking about.  Since I hate being inside, I spend as much time outside as I can.  I do this even during the summer.  And, it is often miserable.

My son lives in the mountains of Colorado.  When I visit him, I see more people outside in one day, than I see outside in a month in Tennessee.

In Colorado, people are outside playing.

The same thing happens in Florida, if you are near the beach.  People are outside.  They are moving, playing, swimming, biking, jogging, and interacting.

If you are young, and you are reading this book, you may want to think seriously about a lifestyle move before you start a family.

If you like the mountains, go to the mountains first, then look for work.

If you like the beach, go to the beach first, then look for work.

I made the mistake of moving for work.  I only thought about location afterwards.

With a steady job and a growing family, I got stuck.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like living in Tennessee.  But, I only like if for nine, or ten months of the year.

July, August, and most of September are miserably hot and humid.

I love deep snow, mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking.

When I visit my son in Colorado, I see cars with kayaks on top and bikes on the back.  Everywhere.

I rarely see this in Tennessee.

Like it, or not, location governs your lifestyle.

Some regions are healthier.  Some regions encourage people to go outside.  Some regions do not.

This is something I wish I had considered early on.  If you are young, prioritize health.  If you want to relocate to a healthier geography, consider doing it while you are young.


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