Last year I wrote a book on goal setting.  I am now in the process of editing that book.  As I edit, I will post excerpts here on my blog.  This is from chapter four:

What to eat

Put simply, try to get fruits and vegetables into your body.

Vegetables are extremely powerful.  The biggest and the strongest animals on this planet eat greens all day long.

If you do not like eating plants, try drinking them.  Get a blender and make healthy smoothies.  Smoothies are filling.  If you fill your smoothies with nutrient dense ingredients, they are so good for you.

How to lose weight

When it comes to losing weight, focus on the basics.  You really do not need to spend money on courses, equipment, or gym memberships.

Honestly, I would not even worry about losing weight.  Instead, focus on getting into caloric deficit.  Burn more calories than you consume.

Find out how many calories you need each day.  Eat less than that.   

To find out how many calories you need each day, simply go over to  Once there, find the calorie calculator below in the Fitness and Health category.  If you are reading this book online, click on this link:

When I went through this exercise, I found I need about 3,000 calories a day to maintain my current weight.  To lose weight, I need to stay below that number.   To lose weight rapidly, I would need to consume a little less than 2,000 calories per day.

Depending on your goals, aim for to drop your caloric intake by 500-1,000 calories per day.

Start paying attention to the amount of calories you consume each day.  I am not suggesting you become a rigid calorie counter.  I am simply suggestion you pay more attention.

Just one piece of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory, for example, contains over 1,000 calories.  And, that number is for my favorite.  A plain slice of cheesecake with some strawberries.  The fancier slices range from 1,000 to almost 1,700 calories!  That, my friends, is a risky dessert.

Start by paying attention.  Gradually begin adjusting your eating habits.  Start eating healthier food.  I do not recommend doing this overnight.  Such drastic changes often overwhelm us.

The truth is, you do not NEED to exercise.  Nonetheless, I strongly recommend exercise.  Exercise builds and preserves muscle.  Since muscle burns calories at a high rate, building muscle will help you lose weight more rapidly.

I recommend you lift weights.  Get stronger.  Build muscle.  The unwanted pounds will begin to fall away.  As you age, your body will stay stronger for longer.

Muscle burns more calories.  Focus on building muscle.  If you build muscle, you will burn excess fat while you sleep.

Do not depend only on cardio to burn fat.  Cardio is great.  I bike, hike, or walk every day.  I love it.  But, I do not rely on cardio to lose weight.  I use cardio to calm myself, to clear my head, and to improve my mood.

To burn fat, I lift weights and make sure I am in caloric deficit.  In other words, I try to burn more calories than I take in.

Keep this up for a long period of time and you will have success

Knowing what to do is not necessarily the hard part.  I think most people know what to do.

Maintaining the discipline is the hard part.  Waking up every day, eating good, healthy food, staying in caloric deficit, and exercising is the hard part.

Doing all of this when you really do not want to do it is tremendously difficult.  But, it can be done.  Look around.  Are others doing it?  Are others pushing forward through difficulties?  Could you join their ranks?


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