Today, I finished the last of the grading I had.  Also tried to catch up on any urgent emails.

Starting tomorrow, I will be on my site very little.  June is the lightest month of the year on my site anyway, so it is likely no one will notice.

Tomorrow, in Rome, I am teaming up with my friend David Durham.  After teaching Latin for over twenty years, I am going to Rome for the first time.  Heh.

We have talked of leading “Visual Latin/Think Outside the Border” tours to Europe for years.  Tomorrow we begin testing the tours together.  My kids are the guinea pigs.

I have been testing the same idea in Greece for the last few weeks.  So far, I have decided not to proceed.  I have decided not to lead tours to Greece.  As for the rest of Europe, we will see.   The test begins tomorrow.

I will be on the road a lot for the next month, or so.  I will be on my website very little.  I will do my best to respond to emails as quickly as possible.