I have removed the grading option from my site.

There is a chance I will open this option again in the future, but I am not sure.

If you do not know what I am talking about, I will explain.

On my site, I teach a series of Latin classes.  Any family who subscribes to my site has access to every class I teach.  Currently, I am teaching Latin 1, 2, and 3.  I am also teaching a National Latin Exam preparation class.  Next year, I am bringing Greek back.  And, maybe… vocabulary.

Again, subscribers have access to every class I teach.  Currently, that is six live classes at $250 per year, or, if you would rather pay monthly, $25 per month.  Most online Latin courses cost $400, or $500 per class, per child.

Most online Latin courses cost $400, or $500 per class, per child.

In the past, I have offered to grade the work of some of my students.  However, if parents wanted me to grade the work of their children,  the price doubled.

It turns out, this was a popular option.  As a result, I am maxed out.

It is taking me longer and longer to respond to students.  Remember what I teach.  Students are sending work to me in Latin and in Greek.  The work is essay style.  This means that I am reading emails in Latin and Greek, correcting mistakes, grading, and responding.  The process is TIME-CONSUMING.  Just in case you missed that, the process is TIME-CONSUMING.

I spend most of my working hours responding to emails.

Honestly, I sort of like it.  I enjoy interacting with my students.  I enjoy the challenge of correcting their work.

But, consistently, I fall behind.  My students are waiting longer and longer for a response from me.  It’s time to close the door.

I will no longer take on new grading work.  I am very sorry about this.

If I am currently grading your work, I will continue grading your work.  Nothing will really change for you.  I simply can’t take on new grading work.

If this move frees some of my time, I will move my efforts in two directions.  I will use my time to create more automatic quizzes on my site, and I will use my time to create more courses.

There is one major exception to the rule I am creating here.  If you are in a course that has no automated quizzes, then you are free to continue sending in your work.  I will grade your work and track your grades.  For example, I am teaching through Caesar’s Gallic wars right now.  There are no quizzes on my site for this course.  This means that you can send homework to me.  I will grade it and send it back.

Why would I do this?  Simple.  I am using your questions and answers to create new quizzes.  As the course improves, and as I create more quizzes, I will slowly remove this option for each course.  In other words, I am willing to grade your work if you are in a developing course.

However, if the course is established, if I already have quizzes in place, I am phasing grading out.