On October 27, 2017, I read the following article by author Bob Bly.  (Mr. Bly gives full permission to reprint his articles as long as you give him credit.)

I recommend you read the article in its entirety.  Here it is (Actually, this is only part of the article. He swore at the beginning.  A lot of students read my work.  I removed the swear word):


Sometimes internet marketing is a pain.

You work hard on a product, launch it, and nobody is interested.

Now you have to salvage the product either by improving it or bundling it with other stuff.

Another disaster scenario: You send an email marketing message to thousands of people, driving them to a product landing page.

And then they start emailing you to let you know your landing page is down — and it is — and as the minutes go by, you are losing orders left and right.

On the flip side, when info marketing works well, it can really put a smile on your face.

For instance, a few weeks ago, I decided to promote an existing product with an existing email to drive traffic to the existing landing page.

Total investment of my time: less than 2 minutes — because everything was already done.

Within the next few days, we got 112 orders for the $29 ebook for gross sales of $3,248.

Overhead aside, because it was an ebook, our net sales were also about $3,248.

Now that’s peanuts compared to what some info marketers make.

But consider two points:

The average American has to work 3 solid weeks at a 9-to-5 job that probably bores him to tears to make that much money — and with the commute, that’s probably 130 to 150 hours of his time.

While my 2 minutes of “work” generated over 3K in sales, which comes to an hourly rate for my labor of $97,440.

And this is not a freak occurrence: $3,000 or more from a single email blast using existing copy, which means no labor on my part happens many times throughout the year.

Passive income and info marketing online don’t always work.

But when they do, it’s a beautiful thing.

Again, my info marketing business is a spec on the windshield compared to the big boys.

But if I wanted to, we could live nicely on it with me “working” about 2 hours a week.

I have no intention of ever quitting my day job as a freelance copywriter, which I absolutely love.

But having a spare-time six-figure passive income … and being able to earn 3K from one e-blast with zero work … sure takes the financial pressure off — and makes you more relaxed.

Try it. You’ll like it.


Bob Bly

P.S. Start with ebooks — like I did … the easiest info product to sell online:  www.myveryfirstebook.com

Bob Bly.  www.bly.com


Notice how Bob ended his letter.  “Try it.  You’ll like it.”

I took his advice. I decided to try it.   If you are reading this, did means I finished the book and published It on Amazon.  I suspect that I am enjoying it very much.  Since this sentence was written at the beginning of the project, I can’t really say for sure. 

You will have to check out my blog or join my email list to find out if  Mr. Bly is right, and I do like it.

(By the way, I wrote this on November 1, 2017. I hope to have the book done by November 30, 2017.  My goal is to sell the first copy on November 30, 2017.)


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