I receive a lot of emails with a twist on this question: “Which course do I sign up for?”  

I keep repeating myself, but I don’t mind.   I get it.  Most online providers follow the financial model of the old brick and mortar schools. You know the routine.  Application fee, paper fee, grading fee, and we are just getting started.  Tuition fee for each student for each class.  It all adds up.  Rapidly.   

I have five kids.  I know how that feels.  I will not do that to you.  

I once operated by the old model.  But, after a family sent me over $1,000 for classes some years ago I knew I had to find a better way.  I changed the model. 

I received the question again this morning.  Which course do I join?  Here is my reply:


I built my site to help people like you.   

First of all, you do not have to show up to the live classes.  Ever.   I record every class I teach, and I only take them down if I am updating them.  I have quite a few students who use the previous classes only.  In fact, many prefer this as they can move at their own rate.  Students are always welcome to contact me if they have any questions. 

Second, you don’t really have to choose.  On my site, I offer Henle Latin (all levels) and, my favorite, Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg (all levels).  I also offer Greek, Italian, English Grammar (Diagramming) and English Vocabulary and, from time to time, whatever I feel like teaching.  At the moment, there are about 800 videos on my site.   

Subscribers to my site have access to every live class I teach as well as access to every class I have taught in the past.   

There are also tests and quizzes on my site that automatically grade the work of students.  I haven’t added any in a while, but summer is coming, and I am planning to create even more.