I received this email:


I wanted to contact you to see if you had any suggestions for Classical Conversations Challenge Directors that need to be able to tutor Henle.  I shared the online classes but they actually need to begin this adventure this summer. 

Have you ever considered just teaching each Henle lesson as it would be presented in a classroom with online access for tutors?  That way Challenge Directors could watch you teach and model that when they are presenting the material in class.

Lastly, I am assuming this is okay but wanted to be sure – I was thinking of registering for the Henle 1 class for myself.  Is it okay for adults to register for that class?  My daughter has managed to dig herself out of Henle! Glad I have the Visual Latin DVD’s!

Here is my reply:


I’ve been thinking about your suggestions.  I am not exactly familiar with the Classical Conversations format.  Henle, of course, is no problem, but, I am not sure how the directors teach it.  This might make it difficult for me to teach a class that directors could model.  I am thinking of doing an intensive class during the summer.  Perhaps this would be useful for directors?

As for adults joining the live online classes… it happens all the time.  While most of my students are in high school, probably ten percent are adults who never had the opportunitiy to study Latin.  Feel free to jump in. 

Have a great day!