I received this question:

Hello, Dwane.

I have recently started homeschooling my 3 kids. We are doing a mix of Essentials and Challenge B Classical Conversations curriculum in order to close some gaps before we advance.

We have started Henle Latin 1 but, after 5  weeks, I couldn’t keep up with the lessons in order to be able to help them – it was very demanding for me to learn the content in order to be check their work.

I am highly considering signing them up for your recorded classes because we are half-way through the 1st semester of the school year only and do not want to waste this year.

My question is: what will be required from me, as a mother, to follow up their work?

I read you don’t check the work students do anymore but is there a more comprehensive answer key other than Henle’s white book that would allow them to check it on their own?

Here is my reply:

Yeah.  Henle Latin is a bear.  I am not surprised.  I receive emails like yours almost daily.

As for your part, I have tried to make this very, very easy for moms.  

My wife and I have five kids.  If someone told her she had to teach our kids Latin (a language she doesn’t know) she would probably consider abandoning homeschooling.  It’s already hard enough as it is.  

I design my classes with that in mind.  I try to take care of all of it so that you don’t have to. 

Your part would be simple.  Have them tackle assignments from the book, and them have them check their work on my site afterwards.  I am in the process of teaching all 467 assignments in First Year Latin, and after that, I will tackle the other books.  My site is slowly becoming the more comprehensive answer key… with student interaction.   

Also, there are forums for all levels on my site.  You and your kids are welcome to go into the forums and post questions, and even work if you want feedback.  I try to go into the forums daily, but when I don’t make it, other students are always in there helping each other.  Some even seem to have become friends.  🙂