J. K. Rowling makes me laugh.

At the prodding of my kids, I have picked up the Harry Potter series once again.  I read novels only at night as I am falling asleep.  Too much work the rest of the day.  Don’t grow up, kids.

Anyway… I was recently reading in the Order of the Phoenix, when I discovered another reason to laugh.  Not out loud.  Just a small laugh. A chucklet, perhaps.

Harry is surprised to find a crowd of wizards in the Dursley’s house one night.  As they introduce themselves, J. K. Rowling introduces a new wizard, Hestia Jones.  When Harry meets her, she is standing by the toaster.  Funny.  Hestia is the old Roman goddess of the hearth, or fireplace.

I suppose if she were to show up in a modern home, she would, indeed, be interested in the toaster.