I received this question:

Last year I was in Challenge A of Classical Conversations. After making my way through some of the Henle latin program(and many slaughtered Gauls) we went to a different co-op this year. Almost halfway through the school year, we realized staying with Challenge would have been a better idea. So this coming school year I’ll be in Challenge 1 (and unfortunately, Henle latin).   I have heard that you teach Henle 1 but at a much faster pace…

I often wish that we could just switch altogether from Henle to Lingua Latina and I might just to that individually.

Here is my reply:

Good morning!

Gosh.  I feel for you.  Such a common story.  

Fortunately, with my site, you do not have to choose.  A subscription grants access to every live class I teach. It also grants access to every recorded class on my site.  You could attend the Henle classes as well as the Lingua Latina classes.  

I do teach First Year Latin at a higher speed.  Maybe.  I teach First Year Latin in, well, the first year.  

If you take three years to go through First Year Latin, and if you go through the entire Henle series, you will spend seven years learning Latin.  At the end of seven years, you will have mastered a language that you cannot speak.  If you try to speak it, you will end up in arguments about pronunciation.  Those arguments will be in English.  Sigh.

I recommend getting through Latin as rapidly as possible.  Three years should do it. Two, if you work hard. After that, move on to a modern language.  You will be able to speak the language with millions of people.


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