Hippiatrist: a horse healer.

A hippiatrist is someone skilled in the treatment of horse diseases.

This word comes from the Greek word for horse ιππος, (hippos), and the old Greek word for doctor ἰατρός, (iatros).

According to Gary Larson, you may not want to visit a hippiatrist when you fall ill.


Incidentally, the ancient Greek word for horse is ιππος. One of the modern Greek words for horse is ιππος. The ancient Greek word for doctor is ἰατρός. The modern Greek word is γιατρός.

Notice how close they are?

All my life, I have heard that modern Greek is nothing like ancient Greek, and that Koine Greek is nothing like ancient Greek. Yet, the more I study, the closer these variations of Greek become. I am beginning to wonder if those who spoke so confidently about Greek actually knew any Greek.