I received this question:

“When  do  you  start  your  next  henle online  latin class?  How are  classes  structured?  We have  never  done   online classes  before.  

I was  hoping  to count  it as high  school  foreign  language  credit.  Do you  set  it up as equivalent to 1/2 crdt per  semester class?

Thanks  for  your  time

Btw,  I really  appreciate  your  sense  of humor  in VL.  My kids are  still  getting  used  to it.  ☺”

Here is my reply:

I moved all my classes to my own site about 6 months ago.  You can find all kinds of information here:  https://dwanethomas.com/classes-2/

As for the structure, students will log into class with me once a week.  In class, we will read together through the current chapter.  They will hear my voice, and will see the Latin chapter on the screen in front of them.  We will discuss difficult concepts in class.  They will do some translation in class.  After class, they will work on a weekly assignment.  They will send the assignment/translation to me and I will personally grade their work.  I will respond to them, pointing out any mistakes they made.  I will give them pointers in my responses.  

The online classes are rigorous.  They are for students who want to go beyond Visual Latin.  They fulfill all the requirements for high school Latin.  

My own kids are still getting used to my humor.  Maybe.  Some of them are saying they can’t wait to move out. 🙂