I received this question:

My daughter just finished Visual Latin, which was so awesome, btw. And we’re very interested in her studying with you using Lingua Latina next year. 

Can you explain how your classes work? Does she teach herself from the book and then review the workbook with you, or is there further instruction? It was hard for me to tell just by looking at your current class schedule. 


Here is my reply:

I apologize for the delay. Decided to file taxes this week and ended up bogged down.  Finally catching up this afternoon… 

Happy to hear you guys enjoyed Visual Latin!  That makes me very happy.  

Basically, here’s how things work in the online classes.

First, Lingua Latina is a novel.  So, I just recommend students read a chapter every week, or two.  I recommend they simply treat the book as any other book.  Just start reading. 

Second, when things get confusing, I recommend students watch the class to help them understand what’s going on the book.  For example, if a student is stuck in chapter 6, simply go watch the chapter 6 class and it should clear things up. 

Third, I will very likely be hosting a weekly, maybe bi-weekly Q&A on my site.  Students would simply show up to that to ask any further questions they might have.  

Fourth, there are forums on my site students can use 24/7.  There will be other students there to interact with.   Lot’s of students love this feature and would rather interact with each than interact with me.  Heh.  I moderate to keep things clean.  

Fifth, and totally optional, there are lots of other supplemental videos on my site for Lingua Latina.  Students are welcome to watch them 24/7. 

Sixth, and also totally optional, there are tests on my site for each chapter.  My site grades the student’s work and keeps a cumulative grade so that you don’t have to deal with grades.  

Hope this helps!  Let me know if you need more help!

Dwane Thomas