Last week, I received this question from a former student
How does one Figure out what to do with their Life?  I’m Lost!
Here is my reply:
I am really struggling through this one right now myself.  I am writing a book on goals.  Almost done.  Editing it.  But, the more I work on the thing, the harder it seems to get.
I am writing it for several reasons.  I read a lot of books on goals, and lately, they are all filled with vulgar language.  That irritates me.  So, I decided to write a clean book on goals.  And, the second, more important reason is directly related to your question.  I see a lot of students and a lot of young people in your position.  They’re a bit lost.
The book is going to be a much longer answer to your question.  But, a short answer would go something like this.
If I were in your position, I’d do this.
First, I’d get out a piece of paper and a pen, or pencil.  On that piece of paper, write down everything you want.  Don’t be afraid.  No one else is going to see it anyway.  Be bold.  Write down everything you want.  It doesn’t have to be physical, like, I want a Porsche.  It can be anything.  I want to be in good shape, for example.  Write down physical goals, mental goals, material goals, book reading goals.  Whatever you like.
Second, choose the one goal on your list you absolutely want to hit.  Circle that goal.
Third, get really clear on that goal.  Figure out why you want that goal.  For example, I want to be in shape is way too vague.  Try to get as clear as possible.  I want to lose 10 pounds and run a 10k by the end of the year.  That’s more clear.   It’s easier to hit clear goals.
Fourth, break the goal into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily action steps. 
Fifth, take action every day on your goal.
Sixth, track your progress.  I use a checklist for this.  It’s basically a monthly calendar.  I check tasks off each time I accomplish one.  
Seventh, once a week, take your long-term goals out and review them.
I have used this formula over and over again.  It has kept me going for a long time.  
Sometimes I think coming up with the ideas in step one is the hardest part.  I struggle to think that I am worthy.  What will other people think if I hit this goal?  Thoughts like that really hold me back.  But, then I remind myself, no one else is going to see the list anyway.  That gives me the courage to come up with some crazy ideas.  
Whenever I hit a goal, I start the entire process over again.  
If I were in your situation, that’s what I would do.
If you just can’t come up with anything, then I would recommend this.  I recommend this to my students locally all the time.  
If you can’t decide what to do, then set for yourself a Healthy goal, a Wealthy goal, and a Wise goal.  
Healthy: Get as fit as you can.  Go to the gym.  Hike.  Bike.  Walk.  Just move.  
Wealthy: Educate yourself.  Read.  Read relentlessly.  Turn the news off.   Turn the radio off.  Listen to audiobooks instead.  
Wise: See if there is an Alpha course in your town.  I looked for one in Ireland, but I think my computer thought I was up to no good and stopped me. 
Those are just my thoughts.  Just what I would do.  I get it.  I’ve been where you are.  I felt lost for a long time.  I ended up filming Visual Latin filming mainly because of this advice: 
Wealthy: Educate yourself.  Read.  Read relentlessly.  Turn the news off.   Turn the radio off.  Listen to audiobooks instead.  
I didnt want to become a famous Latin teacher when I was a kid.   But, as a young adult, I was kinda lost.  I just liked Latin at the time and decided to pick one thing and go all in.