You guys may have heard of Brendon Bruchard, the productivity guru.  I attended one of his events some years ago, and I still get emails from him.

I found this paragraph from one of his emails interesting.  I like the sound of wandering around the city.

Remember,  I blog for myself.  But, perhaps you will find something useful in here as well.

“I personally believe that life is full of chaos, and that external chaos will never subside. But chaos does not need to reign within. Part of my productivity amid the madness of life is scheduling a lot of breaks. I take a break every 50 minutes when working. I sleep 8 hours. I meditate once or twice per day. I take a walk every day. I schedule a trip with my wife every 90 days. I take a lot of afternoons off to wander my city. I breathe a lot. I work out a lot. During these times, I let my mind wander, too, and I let my soul recharge. I stay mindful in the moment during breaks and don’t think about to-dos. In that way, I’m always recharging. I don’t wait until the gas tank is empty. I recharge so I never burn out.”           – Brendon Bruchard