A few weeks ago my wife and I wanted to watch a funny movie. We were in the mood to laugh.

We made it 15 minutes into one movie and turned it off. It was disgustingly crude.

We tried a second movie. It was worse.

Sigh.  Hollywood.

Reluctantly, we decided to watch a documentary.

We watched Borrowed Future.

Featuring Seth Godin, Dave Ramsey, and Mike Rowe, this documentary is a warning to students entering college, or as I like to call it, “the Bozone Layer.”

The message is simple.  Don’t borrow money to go to college.

There are ways to work around the system.  If you need to get a college education, there are affordable ways.

You could CLEP out of the first year of college simply by using the site Modern States.

You could apply for scholarships.

You could attend a local community college.

You could start your own side hustle and pay for college using revenue from your business.

You could skip college.

Or, you could postpone.  You can always go back to college later.  Colleges are always happy to take your money.  Your age likely doesn’t matter.

My mom did this.  She went back to college in her 50s.  I have an uncle who went to law school when he was 55.  My sister did it, too.  In fact, she is graduating from college next Saturday.  She is a few years younger than I am.

Don’t let anyone pressure you to go into debt for college.

Take this warning seriously.  Watch Borrowed Future.