I received this email last week:

My son has completed  VL 1&2.

Not knowing where to continue after that, he has been reading through Lingua Latina and (attempting to) translating Proverbs into Latin but without the exercises.

I am hoping to have him take the NLE next year but didn’t quite know where VL2 drops us off. 

I saw on your website that you have a NLE class but didn’t know which exam that was for. 

Any guidance you have would be super appreciated!

Here is my reply:

As for where to go after Visual Latin, I always recommend Lingua Latina, of course.

I will be teaching Lingua Latina live each weekday morning in the fall if you guys are interested in joining.  We will be continuing on in the book.  When we stopped in May, we had made it to chapter 13.  We will pick right up where we left off, in chapter 14.  The previous classes/chapters are all up on my site and are available 24/7.

As for the NLE classes on my site, I simply took some students right through the Introduction to Latin, Latin 1, and Latin 2 tests for five years of the exams.  Those classes are still up, too.

But, you can also download the previous exams right from the NLE site.

That way, students can practice the tests on their own.  Just go to this page: http://nle.org/exams.html

Scroll down until you see:

PREVIOUS EXAMS and Keys OnlineCopies of the previous National Latin Exams and Keys can be viewed online with Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 9 or later, and printed for practice.

The answer keys are also available.  Makes it really easy to practice, and see progress right away.

If your son has been through all of Visual Latin and some of Lingua Latina, I’d simply advise him to keep on reading in Lingua Latina and to take practice exams.  If the exams are too easy, just move on up to the next level.  For example, if Latin 1 is too easy, move to Latin 2, and so on.  There are a lot of tests on the NLE site.   He could likely practice one a day and not run out for a while.  This is probably the best way to prepare for the test.

I did this years ago with the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).  I spent an entire summer taking practice tests.  Then, I took the actual test and did pretty well.  But, instead of going to law school, I got distracted by a girl, married her, and forgot to go to law school.  Heh.

Let me know if you need more help.