Are you qualified to teach online? 

Maybe.  Probably.

What do I mean? 

Maybe you have a degree in your chosen field.  Maybe you are certified in your chosen field. That’s fine. 

But, what if you aren’t?

If you aren’t certified, maybe you should consider certification. Maybe you should take courses in your chosen field. 

But, what if you aren’t certified? 

In medicine, law, accounting and engineering that could be a serious problem. 

In almost all other fields, I doubt it’s much of a problem at all. 

I teach Latin online. For a while I taught Greek.  I hope to go back to it.  I miss Greek.

I have degrees in neither Latin nor Greek.  When it comes to languages, I am mostly self-taught.

Recently on my site I added French and Spanish. I am fluent in neither of these languages.  I am still learning both of them.

I simply told my students the truth. I am learning these languages online.  Publicly. 

Students signed up.  They joined me on the journey.  

No school gave me permission.  No administrator gave me permission.  There were no gatekeepers.  

I simply chose to learn something online publicly… and, started. 

Sometimes, the only qualification you need is the determination to move forward.  To take action.

These days, we put way too much emphasis on higher indoctrination.  Ooops.  I mean, higher education. 

Afraid you can’t start if you aren’t sufficiently educated?  Afraid you can’t start if you don’t have a degree?  Advanced degrees?

I wouldn’t worry about it.  

Didn’t stop me. 

Didn’t stop these guys either. 

  • Charles Darwin never went to college.
  • Thomas Edison dropped out of high school at 15.
  • Richard Branson dropped out of high school at 16. 
  • Ray Croc (McDonald’s) dropped out of high school.
  • The Wright brothers (invented the airplane) didn’t finish high school.  
  • Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken) never even finished elementary school.
  • Frederick Henry Royce (you know… Rolls-Royce) had one year of formal education.  

And so it goes. Here are 100 people who didn’t have degrees. You’ve heard of most of them.  You use many of their products and inventions every day.