Years ago, my father in law taught me one of the most useful tips I had never heard of.

He showed me how to unclog a toilet without using a plunger.

Though I am not quite as bad as Mr. Monk from the series Monk, I can’t stand plungers.  Disgusting.

I was happy when my father in law showed me a better way to unclog a toilet.

It’s quite simple really.

As you know, when your toilet is clogged, you are in a mess.  Plunging all afternoon can leave you pooped.  What a way to waste an afternoon.  Okay.  I’ll stop.

Here is what to do.

Step one… pour a bit of dishwashing liquid into the dirty bowl.

Number two (I am sorry.  Couldn’t resist.).  Empty a bucket of water into the bowl.  Be careful not to pour too much.  You do not want the toilet to overflow.  Wait for the water level to go down.  You may have to wait a while, but eventually, it should go down.  Just keep repeating this process until you get a “flush”.

During this process, DO NOT pull the lever.

As a teacher, my family and I spend a long time in apartments.  The plumbing was not always the greatest.  This trick saved a call to the plumber so many times.

If you would like to see a demonstration, I have included a video at the bottom of this email.


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Here is the video if you would rather learn to unclog a toilet from someone else: