I received this question:

My son is excited to be joining you for French this year, although probably for the recorded lectures. I do have a question on whether you will be going through the exercises that are in the book? There does not appear to be a workbook like for Lingua Latina so I’m going to need something to grade him on since he will be using this for high school credit.

Here is my reply:

I will be creating tests for the French series.  I started this summer, but then got bogged down in the Henle Latin series.  If I don’t get to the French tests this month, I am committed to creating at least one French test a week during the school year.  This will give students (and myself) a chance to practice what we have learned… and, it will also provide students with a weekly grade.  

The same applies to Spanish. 

Hope you are having a great day!

Dwane Thomas