I received this series of questions:

I’ve been worming my way through the vocab lists, making myself flashcards so I can more easily drill myself on this bewildering number of words.  Since I really like to know *everything* that a word means, I’ve been using https://www.online-latin-dictionary.com/ to get the full definitions.  It’s kinda handy to know that lignum means the stone of a fruit and a gallows…as well as its more standard meaning, wood. And it’s cool to find that argentum, silver, also means (more generically) money.

Anyway, as I was plodding through the a’s, I came upon appello.  In your vocab list, it’s appello: to name–appello, appellare, appellavi, appellatum.  But when I came to the dictionary, I encountered *two* “identical” appellos…er, appelli?  Nobody taught me the plural of a verb… 🙂  The first appello was a transitive verb, 1st conjugation, and was conjugated the way you conjugated in your vocab list (appello, appellare, appellavi, appellatum).  The only hitch was it didn’t mean “to name”.  It meant “to turn word,” which I assume means rhetoric?  It also means “to blame.”

The second appello is a transitive and intransitive verb, 3rd conjugation.  This one meant “to name,” but was conjugated appello, appellere, appuli, appulsum.  Is this a mistake?  As I continued through, I found one other mistake (so far), dico.  Again, same thing: two dicos (dici?!), two different definitions, two different conjugations, and they seem to have gotten swapped.  I won’t bore you by spelling it out, but I used the Latin dictionary above.

It may be that the dictionary is wrong: http://dcc.dickinson.edu/latin-vocabulary-list seems to agree with your conjugations…but I thought I’d ask you and hopefully you won’t be as confused as I’m getting.   I have enough trouble not getting mixed up with verb conjugations and noun declensions.  Why on earth do we have to have homonyms in the first place?  Is puella bellum a pretty girl, or one who’s engaged war?  Ugh.


Here is my reply (I almost emailed her back… then I decided to make a video instead.):