For those of you in the Lingua Latina classes, you know that we are working our way through the exercise workbook Mr. Ørberg wrote.  Here is the book (in case you don’t know what I am talking about): Exercitia Latina I.
Because the Exerctia exercises are so detailed, we rarely finish them.  But, I really want to finish them with my students this year… and then leave them up for future students.  To do this, I need more time.
So, on Thursdays, I have decided to extend the Lingua Latina 1 class.  We will still meet from 10 — 10:50 am central time zone.  Then, we will take a 10 minute break and whoever wants to come back can come back.  We will meet (using the same link) from 11 — 11:50 am central time zone.  We may, or may not use the entire class period.
This will give us two hours on Thursdays.  The second hour will be optional.
I will test this for a month, or so, to see how it goes.