I really hate to say this, but, I am not currently taking on any more students under the grading option.  I am maxed out.  I simply do not have time to take on new students.  In the past, I had two options.  $25 a month option grants access to every live class I teach and grants access to every previous class on my site (currently about 700 videos).  This option remains open.  In the past, if you needed me to grade, the price doubled.  However, due to the number of students who opted for grading, I am currently not able to grade the work of any more students.

I am working on a solution.  One of my daughters is interested in grading.  That may soon become an option.  I will be training her during April and May 2017.  However, grading the work of my students is a lot of work, and I do not want to overwhelm her.  So, that may, or may not be an option in the fall.  No promises.

These days, I am creating videos students can use to check their work.   In fact, I may be stepping back from grading so that I can create even more resources for my students.  I want them to be able to check their own work.  By doing so, I believe they will possess a greater ownership of their Latin education.