This letter made me laugh… and, inspired me to work out more. 

This has become such a regular joke in our house I thought I’d share it with you:

Last Spring my (then 7 year old) asked what I was doing on the computer. “Watching my Dwayne Thomas Latin lesson,” I responded. 

“Whoa!! Dwayne Thomas teaches Latin!? That’s so cool!” was his response.

I thought this was weird, but frankly, sometimes talking to him is like playing verbal charades and I had a lot to get done that day. That weekend we watched an episode of “Titan” (A reality fitness competition show. It’s painfully cheesy.), and Calvin mused, “This guy is a beast. He’s SUPER strong, a movie actor, AND teaches Latin!” 

This child, who is now 8, has confused you with Dwayne Johnson numerous times since then, forgetting the difference between last names that I have explained.

Just last Friday we watched “Escape to Witch Mountain” during which he again commented on this jack-of-all-trades. It is so bad that last night he was talking about you (he’s been watching the Harry Potter lessons), and I was the one thinking he was talking about Dwayne Johnson.

Thanks for your fabulous website, and the work you do to make Latin an approachable subject to so many. Good luck with your movie career. If my 14 year old ever gets around to creating a Thomas/Johnson meme I’ll be sure to send it on.