I skipped the voting lines today.  I had better things to do.

But, I voted the day before.  And I voted the day before that.

And, I will vote tomorrow.  And, the day after tomorrow.

I voted with my children.  I kept them out of the government schools today.   I will keep them out of the government schools tomorrow.  I will keep them out of the government schools the day after tomorrow.

In fact, I will leave the country, or go to prison before I allow my children to be educated by such a corrupt system.

Now, before you unsubscribe from my site (you can if you like), hear me out.

I have nothing against the teachers in the government school system and I certainly have nothing against the students in the government school system.

But, I am fiercely opposed to the system.  It is evil.  It is corrupt.  It is extremely successful.

I am also fiercely opposed to its voluntary salesforce.  “Our school is great!”  “We have wonderful teachers!”  “There are so many programs!”  “We have a great football team!”

Yeah.  Turns out you can do some amazing things when you steal money from other people.  But, that’s a post for another time.

Back to the success of the government schools.

Wait… what?  Successful, you ask?  No, you protest.  The school system is failing.

No.  It is successful.  It is extremely successful.   Wildly successful.

Government schooling has done and is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

Government schooling (and private schools that use government textbooks) is dumbing us down.  Just as it was designed to do.


John Gotto died about two weeks ago.  I hope someone picks up the torch he carried while he was alive.  I am thinking of doing it myself.

Here is a great obituary of John Gotto by economist Dr. Gary North: