Hi, Everyone!

It looks like someone tried to hack my site this morning.

My site is secured by WP Engine.  You can check them out here:

WP Engine and I have been working on this issue since early this morning.

I have temporarily closed down all forums.  I have also closed down all registration.  There is currently no way to log in to my site.

Students, I am afraid this means you cannot access the “member’s only” section today.

If you get a message from “Lucy Pat” ignore it and delete it. DO NOT respond to it.  I don’t know anyone named Lucy Pat.  IGNORE IT.  DELETE IT.

There now appears to be someone named Lilly Adams requesting friends on my site. IGNORE IT.  DELETE IT.

For those getting these messages from my site, I sincerely apologize.

While you wait for me to fix my site, please enjoy the following video: