I don’t weigh in much on politics.  For the most part, politics is a tar baby.  Especially in my extended family.  Best to avoid the conversation.

Generally, I have had the same stance with Islam.

But, after the attacks in London, and especially after the attack during the Arianna Grande concert in Manchester, I am done.  Can you identify another religion who targets a bunch of little girls at a concert?

Neither can I.

I have shifted my position.  Islam is the enemy.  This needs to be said by more people and it needs to be said more often.

I am with Bruce Bawer.  I refuse to ignore the truth any longer.  I also refuse to lie about Islam.  I am not going rouge.  I am simply joining the sane chorus of voices who dare to speak the truth.

Deceive yourself if you like.  I’m done.


I majored in History in college.  I never heard any of the following.  Did you hear any of this when you were in college?  I doubt it.

Author Douglas Wilson comments on this same subject in a post from 2011 entitled, Seven Memes for Keeping Christians in their Place.

“The Crusades were actually a long overdue defensive reaction to many years of Muslim belligerence, militarism, agressiveness, and provocation. If a “crusade” is an unprovoked military attack on religious grounds, then we need to start speaking of the Muslim Crusades. One could, however, criticize Christian Europe for being so slow to respond.”

Dr. Bill Warner throws down the gauntlet.  I am paraphrasing. “Don’t like what I am saying?  Disagree?  Do your own research.  This is not hate.  This is history.”

Here are some sobering statistics:


Personally, I believe Islam is nervous.  Here is why:

Like it or not, Christianity will spread until it conquers the globe.

Christianity is not shrinking.  It is not diminishing.  It is not retreating.

On the contrary, it is a wildfire.

Read The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity, by Philip Jenkins.

American and European Christians need to stop apologizing.   Like it or not, Christianity wins.