Last year I wrote a book on goal setting.  I am now in the process of editing that book.  As I edit, I will post excerpts here on my blog.  This is from the introduction:


I wrote this book for one simple reason.  I want to help you hit your goals.  

I sincerely believe the skills you learn in this book will help you live the life you want to live.

I will share with you what no one shared with me.  Most of the skills I share with you here I learned on my own.  The hard way.  Through trial and error.  Or, as my father used to say, I learned in the “school of hard knocks”.

It took decades for me to hone these skills.  In this book, I hope to save you some time.  I hope to shorten your learning curve. 

This book will show you how to set your goals, hit those goals, and then move on to what you really want to do with your life.  

Why another book on goals?

What I share with you in this book is available in other books.  I am certainly not the first to discover the power of goal setting.  

These days, however, it is popular for authors of goal-setting books to fill their books with profanity.  

I find that kind of language insulting to both the reader and the writer.  

In my opinion, constant swearing is an indication of a feeble mind.  Swearing is an indicator light on the dashboard.  Swearing is an indicator light letting us know the writer has lost control.  

Swear words are not great adjectives.  The English language overflows with words.  Instead of swearing, choose a better word.  English overflows with plenty of words.  

This book is profanity-free.  If you are young, you need not hide this book from your parents.  

While we are on the topic, if you are currently working, you could easily set yourself apart by simply refusing to swear at work.  

Add to this a refusal to complain, combined with a willingness to show up on time, and you may find yourself managing the place in a short time.  

It is quite easy to stand out these days.  

But, I digress.  Back to goals. 

I wish someone had handed me a book on goals decades ago.  

No one did.  

During four years of high school, I read no books on goals.  Not one.  Zero.  

After high school, I went to college.  

During four and a half years of college, I read not one single book on goals.  I took no classes on goals.  The college offered none.  

I used to think it was an oversight.  The college simply forgot to make sure I signed up for the goal-setting courses.  

I no longer believe it was an oversight.  I believe it was intentional.  

Teach people how to set and achieve goals, and they will learn to self-govern.  Self-governing people quickly become independent.  

Look around.  Independence is not something most colleges, companies, or governments are interested in these days. 

No matter.  Intentional or not, the fact remains.  I never took a single class on goal setting.  

I am guessing the same is true for you.  

This book is for both of us

I am writing this book for my 20-year-old self.  I am sharing with my 20-year-old self what I wish I had known then.  

I am no longer 20 years old.  But, maybe you are.

What to look for in this book

Before we get started, I’d like to share a tip with you.  

Whenever I buy a book, I buy it for specific reasons.  

If I buy a fictional book, I buy the book for entertainment.  I have no other expectations.  

If I buy a practical book, such as a self-help book, I am looking for a time-saving idea, a money-saving idea, or an income-generating idea.

If I find one time-saving idea, one money-saving idea, or one income-generating idea I can use, I am happy.  The price of the book was worth it. 

Travel writer Rick Steves says he considers travel guide books $20 tickets to $3,000 experiences.  

That is how I think of the books I buy.  I think of them as $20 tickets to $3,000 (or more) experiences.  

Many of the tips and insights I share with you in this book have the potential to save you time or generate more income.  If you find just one time-saving, one money-saving, or one income-generating idea in this book, the book is worth the price. 

Let’s get started. 


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