I received this email:

“Hi, I have a visual latin question for you. We own Visual latin and have been using it for about 7 weeks. I am feeling a bit uncertain about my son’s mastery level. What should each child master in each lesson before moving on to the next and what does it look like if they have mastered it. I am hoping 2-3 examples could help me see what I need to see here.

Thank you for your time.”

Here is my reply:


First of all, do not be afraid to repeat lessons as often as you need to.  Visual Latin increases in difficulty rapidly. Or, maybe it is just Latin.  I have read the same Latin books more times than I can count.  Each time through, I learn something I missed the first time. 

It is trciky for moms.  If you do not speak Latin, how in the world will you know if you children are “getting it?”  

There are a few practical things you can do to find out if they understand.

First, I have written a series of tests and quizzes that you can use.  I am not a big fan of testing.  I think it inhibits learning.  But, you could use the tests to check progress.  If a student scores below a 90, I have them study the lesson again.  That seems a bit steep to many parents (and especially students) but, they will need a very strong foundation for what lies ahead.  

Second, you could have your son read the “story” at the end of the lesson to you out loud.  Make sure there is no translation nearby.  If he can do it without too much difficulty, move on.  If it is a clearly painful experience, have him repeat the lesson.  

If he is unable to pass either of these “tests” have him repeat the lesson.  Do not let him get frustrated with you.  Let him get frustrated with me.  Show him this email.  

Repeating a lesson until you master it is critical in Latin.  It prepares a student for the challenges that lie ahead.

Let me know if you need any more help!