I received this question:

You are a language guy. My 5th grade son LOVES Visual Latin, and I can see that he has an aptitude for language learning. However, he is a very visual-spatial learner (like, he had an educational profile done b/c he was struggling so much in other subjects, and it revealed that he is highly visual and not great “just listening”), and learning other languages has proven difficult — I think — because they are not presented quite so visually as Visual Latin.

Question: Is there a modern language curriculum out there that is heavily visual? He’s been studying Spanish with Classical Academy Press products (Song School Spanish and Spanish for Children A).


Here is my reply:


I apologize for the delay. I was out of the country for several months and am now crawling out from underneath a mountain of emails.  Finally catching up this afternoon…

Unfortunately, most of what I use is audio based. 

However, I will say that I really like DuoLingo.  It is free, and it is visually based.  My daughter started using it to learn French when she was fourteen.  A few months ago, in France, she translated for us and even rented a car for us.  She is sixteen.  D

DuoLingo is powerful.  Best of all… it’s free!  I would start there.