There is a little confusion about the online classes that I offer on my site.

The classes that I offer on my site are not classes for the faint.   They are tough.   Very tough.

If you are a true beginner to Latin,  or if you are younger than 13, begin with Visual Latin.

The classes that I offer on my site are next level classes.   They are for students who want more.   Lots more.

There are basically two tracks.   Every year, I take students through Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.   If you are learning Latin, there is nothing like this book.   Anyone who says differently is selling something.   Remember, though, this is easily the toughest beginner Latin book out there. This is why I recommend Visual Latin  first.

I do not often recommend the second track, unless you are a student in Classical Conversations.  Every year, I take students through First Year Latin by Robert Henle.   I do not recommend this book only because I have received hundreds of emails from people desperate to get away from this book.   I am not a big fan.   Don’t get me wrong.  First Year Latin by Robert Henle gets the job done.   If you cannot read the New Testament in Latin, this book will take you there.   You just will not have much fun along the way.   Just like Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg this book will be easier if you have already gone through Visual Latin.

If you are considering an online class on my site,  consider taking Visual Latin first.  It will pave the way.