I received this question:

Hi! My son is going into 9th grade and will be taking VL1 this year (along w/LL) for 1 HS credit, then VL2 (w/LL) next year for a 2nd HS credit. He would like to get at least 3 credits in Latin for HS. What should he do afterward for his 3rd credit? And, if he wanted to pursue a 4th credit, how would he go about doing that? Thanks!

Here is my reply:

This is actually pretty easy to answer.

I recommend Visual Latin 1 and 2, naturally.  We really worked hard to make this curriculum work for moms and kids.  After Visual Latin (or while you are going through the course) start reading Lingua Latina by Hans Ørberg.

Lingua Latina is the best.  It’s actually a novel, written completely in Latin.  It takes kids from beginning Latin to advanced Latin by the end of the book.

It’s pretty tough.  But, students often find that after Visual Latin (or during) they can read the book.  If it becomes too overwhelming, I have taught the book for years and those classes are up on my site: www.dwanethomas.com.  They are available 24/7.

After that, I’d recommend reading the gospels in Latin.  You can do that for free right here: https://live.bible.is/bible/LATNV1/MAT/1?audio_type=audio_drama

Let me know if you need more help.