I received this inquiry (It is multifaceted, and quite long.  You have been warned):

Thanks for offering these online classes–it has been a great experience for our daughter (Henle I, Wed. @ 3pm CST)!  She has loved learning Latin with you, and would like to continue!  Thanks, too, for sending her info. on what’s coming up next.  We will plan on continuing in July and August for finishing Henle 1 though I am not yet sure if she will be away at orchestra/harp camp during any of that time.  Do we have to sign up for this anywhere?

We would like for our daughter to continue with Latin for the rest of High School (Junior and Senior year).  She started in 9th grade with Henle 1 when we were exploring Classical Conversations, and is grateful to complete it with you this year (10th grade).  Our original thought was to go through Henle 1 – 4, though it doesn’t look like that is an option and perhaps not best any how.  Others have recommended Cambridge or Oxford Latin for upper levels, but we would like to stick with you (any plans to offer either of these?  Any thoughts about them?).  

We could sign her up for Henle 2 with you this fall (11th grade), however she is not in CC now so we are not married to continuing with Henle and would like to do whatever would be best for continued learning.  She is thinking that Lingua Latina 1 & 2 online are equivalent to Henle 1 online– is that true?  Though LL would be a great review, signing up for the Lingua Latina 2 online class for year 2 doesn’t really make sense at this point then?  
So is Henle 2 the only Latin year 2 option this fall?  Foundations and Fables sounds great–is it equivalent of Latin 2 or  Latin 3/4?  Would it be better to take Foundations and Fables in place of Henle 2 or after Henle 2 in the following year for Latin 3 (12th grade)

Our daughter has some interest in Classical Language, Literature & History so we are wanting her to have preparation should she decide to go that route in college.  I am wondering what your recommendation would be for the best use of these next two years so that we could legitimately claim 3 years of High School Latin (Latin 1, 2, 3/4), and possibly take and pass the National Latin Exam for each level (see bottom of email for exam details).  Though we are more concerned with facility in reading and using Latin (and it’s benefits related to English Language, grammar, vocabulary, logic and preparation for learning other languages) than teaching purely to testing, I think the tests help colleges know that you have indeed acquired the requisite skill level.  The National Latin Exams were recommended to us by a friend because of her interest in Classical Studies.  Have you taken any of these exams?  Do you recommend them?

Here is my reply:


Your daughter is a phenomenal student.  I am always shocked when I grade her work.  She is definitely among the very best of my many students.  So, whatever you guys are doing… well done.

I will try to answer your questions in order.

First, no need to sign up anywhere.  I will simply extend the class on my end.  Go To Meeting should keep sending the reminders to you.

Cambridge and Oxford Latin are similar to Henle Latin.  They are textbooks.  A bit dry.  No worse than Henle, I don’t suppose.  As they are both secular textbooks, the authors steer away from all the references to Christianity so common in Henle Latin.

I have added content to the Foundations and Fables class.  In the second semester, we will read Caesar’s Gallic Wars: http://www.amazon.com/Caesaris-Commentarii-Gallico-Lingua-Latina/dp/1585102326  This does turn the class into the equivalent of Latin 3.

I have also decided to teach Roma Aeterna next year.  This is part 2 of the Lingua Latina series.  It includes the writings of Vergil, Tacitus, Cicero, etc.  It more than satisfies the requirements for Latin 4.  I also like your idea of reading through some of Augustine’s writings.  But, we will see.

As for the National Latin Exam, I am sure your daughter will do extremely well.  I have considered offering a class for this, too.  But, you know… time.  Sigh.  I will keep looking for time in my schedule.  Meanwhile, if she wants to practice… here are all the old exams:  http://www.nle.org/exams.html#accessfiles

You may have to scroll up or down a bit to find the exams.

I am sorry for the delay!  Have an excellent Sunday!