I received this note:

some people say visual latin is sufficient for high school credit and others say it is not, and I am not very smart in this area as I took French many many many years ago.

So, I feel pressured to do something in addition to visual latin to make sure my bases are covered.

At any rate, we are moving forward in visual latin at this point and I will try to decide if and what to add in, I may just sign up to be a member on your website and poke around and try to figure out if something there would help us out.

God bless you, we really do love your videos!  You are doing a great job!

Here is my reply:

Visual Latin is good enough for high school.  The course takes students from zero to reading the New Testament by the end of the course.  I suspect the people who say that the course isn’t enough have not completed the course.   

Really, it all comes down to the hours you spend on the course, not the skills you learn.  Further evidence that the academic elites in this country are more bureaucratic than anyone cares to admit. 

When writing Visual Latin, I had one simple goal.  I wanted students to be able to read the gospels when they finished the course.

My goal was NOT to check off the correct number of hours to satisfy a desk-flying, number crunching, bow-tie wearing academic.  (Don’t even get me started.)

If you feel you need to add more, just order Lingua Latina and start reading.  Wait until you are in lesson 15, or so in Visual Latin.  I have created a chart to help you with this.  You can download it free here: https://dwanethomas.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/VL-Lingua-Teaching-Guide.pdf

And, to read more about high school credit, I recommend this blog post and article: