Last week, I responded on my blog to some complaints about my classes:

I received this reply from one of my students:

“I saw your post about complaints. First of all, any complaints you have about Henle latin are perfectly justified! My Classical Conversations class is struggling through Henle II this year, and they often (even my teacher) look to me for help, even though I switched to Lingua Latina! Explaining things the way you’ve taught them to me has made me the “Latin guy”. Second, some of the grammatical points in the book are completely redundant, and just confuse people. Why not, instead of teaching people small nit-picky rules, teach them more useful vocabulary? Finally, I love all your classes, and they’re the perfect length even by school standards (a high school credit requires you to study a subject for an hour a day). I love the way you teach people Latin, and how you make it fun. I for one could never complain.”