Slowly catching up on emails.  While crawling out from a mountain of correspondence, this made me happy:


“Thanks for offering all of your classes for such an affordable price.  I truly appreciate your generosity!  And your humor.  Some days you provide me a desperately needed laugh.” – April C.


I asked if I could post her comment, and this was her reply:


“Yes Dwane, absolutely quote me!  You have not only helped me learn more Latin but how to find joy doing so.   I should have written years ago to express my gratitude.  I have five kids, so $25/month for ALL THAT STUFF is a bargain IMO.  And no more charges after 3 years?  Brilliant!  Your willingness to offer this says a great deal about your character and intentions.  I just might hang around to learn more Greek, Latin, and maybe even Italian as well 😉 


I have enjoyed your Harry classes, too.  I appreciate your candor and integrity.  I have long speculated Rowling is a closet Christian.  I also started reading the series because my son was interested in them and I feared all the rhetoric about the wizarding nonsense.  Her books are brilliant and her life story inspiring.  My own children, fierce Harry fans all of them, have managed to use magic to make our car fly.  Anyone who believes Harry is dangerous would probably believe it 😉😊😊


I gave my high school class the heads up about Caesar today.  We just finished Lesson 15, so I used some of your chore, bore and snore jokes and they thought it was hilarious.  So I’m not the only one who finds you extremely entertaining.  Keep up the good work!  And thank you for giving me permission to agree that Henle is not intuitive.  If I were allowed, I would definitely switch to Lingua.  Thanks to you, I suppose I can study that on my own 😉


Thanks for getting back to me and providing the information and links.  Have a fabulous Christmas holiday celebration!  I will be reading your favorite translation of the Gallic Wars over break.  Hopefully, no snoring will be involved.”  – April C.  


There are some things I don’t do so well.  For instance, today my mechanic pointed out the thousands I am about to spend on an oil leak in my car.  I wish I could fix it myself.  But, alas.  No can do.

But, when it comes to Latin, I can help you.  I have dedicated my life to the study of languages.  I can help you with Latin.  And, I will not nickel and dime you to death.  I hate that.  No registration fees.  No paper fees (whatever those are).  No test booklets to buy.  No answer keys to buy.  No extra fees.

Just one monthly payment for your entire family.  Cancel anytime with no penalties.  Best of all, stick with me for three uninterrupted years, and the payments end.  For as long as I teach online.

I’ve been doing this for a long time, and my family still likes eating food.  So, it looks like I will be here for a while.

Hope you all are having a great day!