Not long ago, I received this note.  Couldn’t have come at a better time.  Latin has got me down these days.  I am happy to know I am still helping people.  Means a lot to me.

Hi Dwane,
Hope you are well!
Just wanted to say that I completed Visual Latin 2 today. I started back in March and I am very happy with the result the course has given me.
I also want to say that I find you an excellent teacher Dwane. You make things so easy to understand and are very empathetic to students struggle learning Latin. I have never taken another Latin course before but after watching some other tutorial videos on YouTube I feel that those guys can act a bit condescending and just can’t understand why students find it hard to learn Latin.
I also have to say that I love your sense of humour! You are really funny and it is a great way to add fun to the lessons. 🙂
Finally you are more than helpful and attentive when it comes to answering queries via email.
– John