Level of maturity needed for course? Age range? I have a group of 3 boys interested in possibly taking the course together (ages 11- 13). Would you suggest this course for them? If not, what is your opinion of a curriculum called Latin for Children – Primer A (Classical & Ecclesiastical Pronunciation) by A. Larsen & C. Perrin? Have you heard of it?    

I require students to be age 13 at the least.   Through years of experience, I have discovered that it’s just way too much for anyone younger than 13.   I will make exceptions to that rule so long as the parents are willing to vouch for the maturity of their children.   The parents also have to be willing to take responsibility if the course is just too much.   I am familiar with Latin for children.   If you are going to teach your children Latin, and I recommend it.   Of course, I also recommend Visual Latin for younger children.   However, I have to say that as I age I become increasingly convinced that the place to start with younger children is Spanish, Italian, or French.   Push Latin off until later.   If a child learns Spanish at a young age, he will be able to use Spanish for the rest of his life.   If he never makes it to Latin, oh well.   It’s not going to kill him.   Millions of people have lived happy lives without Latin.   If the child does make it to Latin, Spanish will have paved the road. (Italian and French will do the same).