I received this question:

When the live classes resume for Lingua Latina on August 10th, will you be starting at the very beginning of the book?

Here is my reply:

The short answer is… no.

I have taught Lingua Latina for decades and have filmed and left classes up on my site for years.  Those classes are now available on my site 24/7.

Currently, I am taking students through the workbook that accompanies Lingua Latina.  It’s called Exercitia Latina.  We made it through chapter 19 and then I took July and part of August off.  On August 10, we will pick up right back in chapter 20.

However, there seems to be high interest in a new Lingua Latina class.  I am considering starting a new one.  If I do this, we will not start until after Labor Day.  So, the first day would be September 7.   We would meet every weekday morning from 8:30 – 9:00.

If I do this, would you be interested?