I received this question:

I am having my 7th grader start your Visual Latin this coming school year and am planning to add in Lingua Latina part way through per your recommendation. Can you send me a link to exactly what book(s) I will need for Lingua Latina? Will I need a teacher’s manual? Exercise book? Famila Romana? I’m a little confused with all of the choices. Let me know.

Here is my reply:

Really, all you need is this: Lingua Latina.  This book is Familia Romana.  There are basically two parts: Lingua Latina Familia Romana and Lingua Latina: Roma Aeterna.  The second part is 400 pages of Roman history… written by the Romans.  Most students never make it to that book, which is fine.  The writings of the Romans have been translated into English anyway.

There is an exercise book.  It’s optional.   I’d skip it for now.  Maybe use it for review later, or use it if your 7th grader really gets into Latin someday.  (I’d advise against that.).

There is a teacher’s manual, written by Hans Ørberg himself.  It’s short and to the point.  I’ve found it extremely helpful over the years.  But, it’s not exciting.  No fluff.  Here it is: https://amzn.to/3ckYebz

If you get into Lingua Latina and if you get stuck, I’ve taught the book for years.  Those classes are up on my site 24/7.  You can find out more about joining my site here: https://dwanethomas.com/join/.  But, with Visual Latin, you shouldn’t need the classes on my site.